Nurture your Creativity

Creativity is inside you. Nurture this creativity and it will rise and bloom.


Balance is everything!  

... whether it's about the right amount of healthy food we need to eat, the time of hours we work or spend on spare-time activities or how often we meet friends or simply enjoy time alone with our own thoughts ... .... it's all about balance, isn't it?  

And there is also the question about balance in creativity: How much creativity do we need in our life?  

It's a very personal question and you might already have a good gut feeling, whether the volume of creativity in your life is satisfying or whether you are still searching for more ...

Lack of creativity?

Creativity can appear in many forms - it can be writing a book, knitting a pullover or having an amazing business idea. There are no constraints!  

Creativity nurtures your soul and helps to keep your inner balance.  

If you have still doubts about you being creative, I can ensure you right away, that you are absolutely creative. It's all about nurturing this creativity and letting it grow.  

I warmly invite you to join me for 21 free days of creativity: You are going to receive a daily email with simple creative sketching exercises that you can easily integrate in your daily life as they will only take a few minutes of time.  

And I have chosen those 21 days for a good reason: after 3 weeks of doing a task daily, it becomes a habit.  

Make drawing a precious creative habit & discover your creativity:

Make Sketching a daily habit

No doubts.

You might think, that you don't have the time, the ideas or the talent to be creative? No worries, I will give you answers on these points during the 21 days!  

Find your inner balance by living a creative life. Nurture your Creativity.  

I'd love to come along with you on your creative journey!

Make sketching a daily habit

Creativity is so essential and precious. When you are now sketching with me every day for some minutes, you will get more and more inspired and open for creativity. 

After 3 weeks of sketching, it will become a habit for you to be creative. 

Share your learnings with us. 

I'd love to see your sketches! 

Feel free to share them with us on Instagram (by tagging me (@baumann_illustration) and using the hashtag #drawinggang so that we can talk about it.)

Make Sketching a Daily Habit

"Barbara's 'Free 21-day-guide into creativity' is simply awesome! I'm doing it (just finished my 10th day) and I'm in love!  

Not only I will improve my drawing skills, now I want to draw, like everyday! It's so cool because I've lost my illusion for drawing. Thank you!"

- Aidi, watercolor and gouache artist

About the Author

Hallo, I'm an illustrator and Skillshare teacher from Austria. After great experiences in the Marketing and Database sector, I finally realised that I simply need to follow my enthusiasm and fascination for drawing and illustrating.  

What fascinates me most, is this way to communicate without using any words. So expressive, so global. And this leads me to my second fascination about drawing: the exchange with others, with you! In my drawing courses I simply love to see the enormous developments of each participant - initiated by exchange and practice. That's what I like to do here, too. 

The idea for this blog comes from the bottom of my heart: to get you close to drawing and to show you that you too can draw #drawinggang  

It's all about learning to feel the drawing!

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