“You can’t use up creativity – the more you use the more you have.”  

May Angelou

Barbara Baumann Illustration

About me

My name is Barbara Baumann. I am working as an award-winning illustrator and I enjoy a lot giving drawing classes. I love this exchange with other art enthusiasts about drawing topics, tip, techniques & experiences.

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5 facts about me

I am trying to break down my description into 5 rough facts. If you still have a question about me & my work, feel free to write me!


I draw commissions digitally, but print is always special.

My illustrations are published in serveral books, amongst other by Brandstätter Verlag, Servus Verlag, MIDAS Verlag, Provinicial Government of Lower Austria and Seitenblicke or they underlined the branding of companies through posters, lookbooks & website illustration.


I love learning about new topics.

My studies at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg gave me precious insights into the world of Design & Marketing. During my work as a Database Marketing Manager, I studied Sociology & Psychologie in French.  

This knowledge helps me a lot in the creation of my illustration.



I was chosen as one of the "200 best illustrators worldwide 18/19" by Lürzer Archive.


I never use a ruler.


I simply need this feeling of freedom on the paper. This confidence for the line, drawn full of dynamic and power.

This feeling for the own drawing capacities is a central part of my drawing classes. I'm giving courses online and locally in Classes since 2015. And it's always such a joy to see, how the students gain confidence in their own skills and draw stunning sketches.


I love dancing.

Kitschy but true: Dirty Dancing is still among my favorite movies. Even after having watched it 1.284 times already.

This might explain my passion for drawing dancers. You enjoy that, too? Then you are welcome in my free Figure Drawing Class: simple methods how to draw dynamic poses. Click HERE to join the class.

"I find this presentation to be uncomplicated, clearly explained and full of helpful techniques. Barbara Thank you for sharing. Greatly appreciated! I'll be watching this many times to cement ;-) Am a happy camper now... "I got it, I got it, I GOT IT ! Now I just have to practice, practice and practice ;-)”

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Lynda Meek, student of my Skillshare class "Sketching"