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Let's dive into the world of drawing ...

These here are the 3 main topics on my blog:


Free tutorials to dive into the world of drawing: learn how to draw lips, how to use an action line and many more tips & tricks about drawing.

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Get to know more about my daily work as an illustrator, the projects I am working on and the way I develop the illustrations.


100 days of focus.

The 100-day-challenge.

3-min-challenge: ANIMALS

There's no good or bad. It's just doodling for fun.

Exercise: Feel the drawing.

There's no good or bad, it's just doodling for fun.

Sketching with 1 Line.

Let your hand learn the lines.

Let your hand learn the lines.

No line needs to be perfect.

Sketch your day.

Forget about perfection.

"Very recommandable course! The teaching method is clear and of very good quality!"

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Alexandra Grandits, student of my class "Sketching"