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Free tutorials to dive into the world of drawing: learn how to draw lips, how to use an action line and many more tips & tricks about drawing.

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Get to know more about my daily work as an illustrator, the projects I am working on and the way I develop the illustrations.


How to draw hands.

Drawing hands is tricky and challenging - but it's a fascinating challenge. I am going to share 3 easy-to-follow tips with you to enhance your hand drawing skills:

How to draw curly hair.

There are many ways to illustrate hair. I am showing you a completely different way to draw a curly hairstyle - a rough ball-point sketch based on the cross-hatching method.

How to draw the human face.

Don't get lost in details but apply simple but helpful guidelines to structure the face seen from all perspectives: side-face, frontal and half turned.

How to draw a braid in 3 simple steps.

When it comes to drawing hair, it’s all about shading, no matter if you are drawing the hairstyle roughly or very detailed. The principle is the same – it’s an ...

How to draw a side-face.

Watch the video with helpful step by step guidelines to learn the basics about a side-face drawing and which mistakes you should avoid when sketching it.

2 precious tips for sketching emotions.

There are only some small changes in the face that can have a big effect on the overall expression of the portrait and tell a whole story about the person sketched.

3 minutes a day can do magic.

Here's an exercise for you.
To open up to the power of quick sketches.

... but before you turn the hourglass and start sketching, remember:

3 mistakes to avoid in a side-face drawing

Here are 3 mistakes, that are among the most common ones when drawing a side-face. When you avoid them, you've already an awesome sketch in front of you!

Barbara Baumann Creative Class

Take a chance and try it out.

Drawing is a process - never perfect but always a joy.

Make a wish.

Skeching a dancing couple with an action line.

It's ok to mess it up!

Feel free when sketching.

3 mistakes to avoid when drawing eyes

What you should keep in mind when drawing realistic eyes.

The concept of the Muscle Memory.

Improve your drawing skills considerably.

Prove to yourself that you can draw.

... a method that any student can apply - no matter which level

100 days of focus.

The 100-day-challenge.

3-min-challenge: ANIMALS

There's no good or bad. It's just doodling for fun.

Exercise: Feel the drawing.

There's no good or bad, it's just doodling for fun.

Sketching with 1 Line.

Let your hand learn the lines.

Let your hand learn the lines.

No line needs to be perfect.

Sketch your day.

Forget about perfection.


LIVE Sketching

The social dynamic of a fashion sketch.

Book illustration: sledge dogs of Greenland

The booklet, created for RobinHood Animal Welfare, aiming to improve the conditions of sledge dogs: they are chained and suffer from hunger, thirst and maltreatment. 

I'll give you answers.

Feel free to send my your drawing questions, I'll give you answers here in these video messages. Don't forget to subscribe so that you can listen to my answer. Looking forward to reading from you!

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