Drawing is a process - never perfect but always a joy.

Take a chance and try it out.



It feels like some are talented, others aren’t.

Most of the people aren’t.
They simple haven’t the talent to be creative.

And those few ones, who are talented, ooze with creativity.

They are amazing.
They rock the stage.
They sing, they dance, they paint, they draw, they vibrate from all the creative energy around them. 
They are the few talented ones.

And they celebrate their creativity.

They enjoy it.
Inhale it.
Internalize it.

And the others watch them.

They go to their concerts.
Their exhibitions.
Their galleries.
Their festivals.
Their enjoy seeing their creativity.
The creativity of the inspired folks. 

Knowing that they can’t do the same.
Because they simply don’t have it.
They can’t be as creative.

The majority will stay in the dark. Not talented enough to shine.


Well, that’s clearly a myth. 
Not the truth.
But it feels a bit familiar to us when reading it, right?
It feels like we really do that in real life.

We celebrate some creatives. Not our own creativity.

But, I often wonder why no one is questioning that.
Why is everyone accepting this myth about talent?
Taking it for granted.
And accepting the fact to live in the dark, far away from living a creative and fulfilled life.

Why is that?
Who told us about this myth of talent?

Don’t you feel, that this is an unfair partition?
Only a few super-creatives who soak up the exciting pleasure to live in this flow state of being creative. Who live this creative inspiration?

Have you never questioned that?

Creative Class Barbara Baumann

You are as ingenious as Picasso.

Yes, you are!

We only talk about his creative side (needs to be mentioned here.)
When it comes to his ability of creative expression, I'm absolutely convinced that you can express as an artist as brilliantly as he did.

Why not?
What makes him different to you?

Before you start speaking about his fame, his artworks, his exhibitions, his experience and so on, I’ll tell you the truth straight ahead.

The difference is, that he let the inspiration flow freely.

He let inspiration come to him.
He opened up. 

That’s the only difference.

Not more.
When you open up to creativity and this flow state of being, you will be able to express the amazing ideas inside you with ease.

Creative Class Barbara Baumann

Here's an exercise for you.
To open up.

And to mix up your perception a bit.

Sketch this dog.
No need to draw him in the correct perspective on the paper. Draw him this way - turned upside down.

Why I've turned the sketch?
To give you a different perspective on a motif.


Barbara Baumann Dog motif verkehrt

To liberate you from the pressure of making something perfect in your sketchbook.
No one expects you to draw a upside-down dog perfectly. You are free to sketch it as you want.

You could focus on its outlines. Or on the shape of its torso. Or on the colors of the background.

Enjoy your moments of sketching.

.... (sketching)

How are your experiences?
Did you enjoy sketching an upside-down dog?

Feel free to share your thoughts and sketches with us. You can show your drawing in our private creative Facebook group or here on Instagram, (hashtag: #drawinggang). You can tag me @baumann_illustration so that I know about it and can give you a feature.

Barbara Baumann Drawing Class

Let inspiration and creativity flow through your veins.

You enjoyed being creative right now?

So great to read that!
You want more?

That's even better!

And I have a lot more for you:

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Barbara Baumann Illustration

About the Author

Hallo, I'm an award-winning illustrator and drawing tutor from Austria. After great experiences in the Marketing and Database sector, I finally realised that I simply need to follow my enthusiasm and fascination for drawing and illustrating.  

What fascinates me most, is this way to communicate without using any words. So expressive, so global. And this leads me to my second fascination about drawing: the exchange with others, with you! In my drawing courses I simply love to see the enormous developments of each participant - initiated by exchange and practice. That's what I like to do here, too. 

The idea for this blog comes from the bottom of my heart: to get you close to drawing and to show you that you too can draw #drawinggang  It's all about learning to feel the drawing!

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