Sled dog booklet for Robin Hood

for schools in Greenland


To raise awareness.

One of the core topics of my work as an illustrator is book illustration.
And this topic has really a wide variety of fields: reaching from scientifically oriented literature, illustration for management literature and illustrative branding to children book illustration and editorial illustration.
A true pleasure to illustrate all these different topics!

At least once per year, I'm contributing to a non-profit project. Like the Christmas cards for DEBRA Austria to support the clinical research for treatments against Epidermolysis bullosa, a genetic defect of the human skin. Or the illustration for a book supporting children to deal with the painful loss of a family member, written by Ricarda Wullenkord.

The booklet that I'm showing you here is done for an animal rights organization with the aim to create awareness how to treat sled dogs in Greenland correctly.

Robin Hood is an animal welfare association, located in Austria, that is helping animals by defending their rights and raising awareness about any violation of these rights through different projects and political campaigns in many countries like Armenia, Albania, Greenland, Hungary, Iraq, Romania and Siberia. The basic idea is to work together wich local people in order to improve the life of animals and realize a positive living together.

One of these projects is dedicated to sled dogs in East Greenland:

The main characters of this booklet are the sled dog Ugo and two children, Rosalie and Imaka, who are learning from their father how to treat dogs correctly.

Different scenes in their daily routine are visualized to show the role and importance of dogs in Greenland and how they need to be treated with respect and care in order to live a life free from pain and hunger.

The intention of the booklet

Sled doges always belonged to Inuit people of Greenland and shared their life with them. Nowadays, in the modern world, dogs lose their original purpose, but they nevertheless belong to the local tradition. With this booklet we bring these wonderful animals closer to children who are our future, not only in Greenland.

About 20.000 sled dogs live in East Greenland, a lot of them under really bad conditions: they are chained and suffer from hunger, thirst and maltreatment. Many die from dehydration, puppies are often unprotected, without huts.

Robin Hood Animal Welfare helps to improve the daily life of these dogs and has a good collaboration with local people and dog owners. Together we will keep this important and extraordinary tradition of sled dogs in Greenland alive.

The story

In this booklet, Imaka and his sister Rosalia show the children of Greenland how to treat the dog Ugo and what is necessary to keep him strong and friendly. Together with Ugo they have a lot of fun with dogsledding. Usually all dogs are friendly and the children never feel alone with them around.

They learn from their father, that dogs need water regularly and that they feel pain. The need to treat dogs with respect and care for their well being.

Background information.

I have started this booklet by sketching ideas roughly in the sketchbook in order to have an idea about the layout of the different scenes and the different characters, that we were aiming to integrate.

Rough sketches turned into drawings by Barbara Baumann

The entire book is then drawn digitally on a Wacom tablet on different layers in Photoshop.

Based on the brainstorming drawings in the sketchbook, I created rough drafts on a separate layer in Photoshop - they served as a basis for the fine drawing.

Rough sketches turned into drawings by Barbara Baumann
Rough sketches turned into drawings by Barbara Baumann

Client: Robin Hood Animal Welfare
Illustration: Barbara Baumann
Greenlandic translation: Aqqaluk Larsen

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