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Hey guys, I'm an Austrian artist and illustrator. After great experiences in the Marketing and Database sector, I finally realised that I simply need to follow my enthusiasm and fascination for drawing and illustrating.

What fascinates me most, is this way to communicate without using any words. So expressive, so global. And this leads me to my second fascination about drawing: the exchange with others, with you! In my drawing courses I simply love to see the enormous developments of each participant - initiated by exchange and practice. That's what I like to do here, too. 

I know, the comment fields are lacking. But I am new on the blog, I need time to see how the exchange is working best. Facebook and Instagram are great tools for communication (would be awesome if you follow me there) and the blog seems to be a good mean for showing you topics in a more extensive way. The idea for this blog comes from the bottom of my heart: to get you close to drawing and to show you that you too can draw .

It's all about learning to feel the drawing!

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